Acanthian hopes

Humble beginnings

The gang shows how street-wise they can be...

From out of the vast fertile outer plains of the Oasis, the biggest commercial hub in the south-west kingdom looms over the party. It’s shaped like a volcano…

Arriving at the caldera, the party decides to split up to work the 3 areas of Acanthia they’ve heard about: the outer ring slums (Tiefling), the middle ring marketplaces (Elf), and the posh inner ring (Doppleganger).

The Tiefling chewed the fat with some mercenaries in a pub, sussing out the good prospects for mercs in Acanthia’s hour of need against the “bloodthirsty orc hordes”. After fumbling over a few social graces in the outer ring, and fraternising with a Colonel Mustard-type figure in the posh inner ring, she ekes out the address of one of the Big Merchant figures called Laval who lives in middle ring West End.

Meanwhile, the Elf is talking up the merchants in the middle ring, inquiring about the Merchant Guilds the party has heard so much about. Unfortunately, her bluffs about needing financial backing from the Guild(s) for some “diamond” and “weapon” businesses fall short because of a few 1’s, but also because of her being an elf. The party can’t help but notice that all the Elves in Acanthia occupy the higher social strata..

Fresh from the inner ring, the Elf and Doppleganger meet back at the rendezvous point at the Eastern Gate. The Doppleganger has done some more successful posing as an agent of Lord Kell back in the Empire, thanks to a suave shape-change. He also noted he got the attention of a few huddled figures in the upmarket 7-silver-piece-coffee cafe.

After failing to pull off the old “lovely lady of the night” ruse on Monsieur Laval’s estate in West End 2nd ring, the party learns of his favourite cafe Le Croix Rouge, fountainside in the inner ring.

The party finish day 1 by finding their fast-talking contact Lien who has a high stakes, high return job lined up for them in the western valley of the Oasis. What will they make of the shadowy, red-cloaked figures they keep seeing in the inner ring?

They decide to concentrate on Lien’s mission for now.



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