Acanthian hopes

Of Dungeons and Dragons

The adventurers wake up quiet early as dawn breaks through the window of their room and steals some junk. Dawn has apparently multiclassed to rogue.

Back in reality now, and our whacky troupe of the faithful ranger, the cunning rogue, and the pudgey warlock set out into the chilly dawn, ready to fight what monsters may come on Lien’s high-stakes “mission”. After an uneventful trip across the city, out of the western caldera gate, and towards Novale (making no perception checks as they go), they see their contact. They are surprised to see that it is Lien, who implied it would be someone else yesterday.

The party’s (empty) wallets overcome their suspicions and they set off westward and up the northern embankment of the valley they’re in. Surprise surprise (round), their banter and lack of stealth checks lands them ambushed by some kobolds and their cute pet dire rats. After a battle that lands Zhara unconscious and Lien about to collapse, they decide to try the mission again tomorrow.

The mission goes quite successfully once they reach the huge old Dragon Cave which Lien sought. Some Kruthniks give them strife in the antechamber, and they encounter a blue dragon wyrmling in the lair, but it all seems rather easy. Oh yeah, and the lair contains an ancient time-magic field and a hoard of wondrous items so uber that it’s all the party can do to stop their eyes bugging out.

After the dragon is laid to rest permanently on its pile of lucre at about 11am, the party loots the x%x#$ out of it and starts to take the booty back to their high-security inn room in the 3rd ring. Unfortunately, the time bubble doesn’t like this and immediately starts ageing anything that leaves the bubble. The party doesn’t like this, and immediately sets about trying to leave the cave with their loots intact for about the next 9 hours.

Lilith finds a couple of tomes that look interesting, considering Lien’s orders are to take what is desired, except tomes & scrolls & books. They are both books of rituals, but one is filled with rituals that Borja, the party caster, has neither seen nor heard of in the Empire. Lien and Lilith read the tome before casting it back onto the pile of lucre, and towards the end there are a few rituals that look like they’re meant to alter time somehow.

  • Looting an ancient dragon hoard for half a day without posting a sentry, check.
  • Forgetting that the mission deadline is midnight tonight, check.
  • Living inside a time bubble that served as a prison for the late blue dragon, check.

Ah, the things that a high level bunch of wondrous items can do to the mind!



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