Inner Ring District

The inner ring spans the centre of Caldera City. It is about 2km across, with the famous Caldera Fountain at its centre. The fountain has 3 tiers and is about 15m across. To emphasise the fact that it draws its water from a flooded magma chamber, there are red lights under the water jets that light up the water sprays like the eruptions of olde at night.

The Boulevard surrounding the circular fountain is the playground of the rich and the famous, the well-to-do as well as the up-and-comers. Fitting in on the Boulevard is a rite of passage for anyone who wants to be somebody, according to the locals.

The innermost ring road of Caldera City is such a fashionable place to be seen that “on the Boulevard” and “fountainside” have become local lingo for meeting there. While waiting for a rendezvous there the pasttime of choice is to settle into one of the surrounding cafes which range from upmarket to extravagant. The predominant themes of the fountainside cafes are “red” and “seaside”. For example, the party has already been to the Shellfish and Le Croix Rouge (lit. “The Red Cross”).

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Inner Ring District

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