The Dragons Lair

Deep in the northern hill of the western valley you may find, with the right map, a huge cave entrance leading into an antechamber (previously inhabited by Kruthniks), and then to a final chamber for a blue dragon’s hoard.

The Dragon Wyrmling

The wyrmling the party encountered sitting on the massive hoard did and does not make sense to the party. A wyrmling should not be able to amass anywhere near as much booty as this, and furthermore it should be nearer to the coast where blue dragons feel at home.

The party assumes, based on its experience with the time bubble that exists in the hoard chamber, that the dragon is actually a lot older and more powerful, but has had its growth set backwards by a powerful spell or ritual somehow linked with the bubble.

The party knows that dragonhide is worth a pretty penny back in Caldera City, and Lien seems interested just by the fact that there is a dragon in the mountainside, period. He suggested taking it alive (or just unconscious), and was quite dismayed when he dealt the killing blow to it.

The Hoard

The items that the party has looted from the hoard are:

  1. Impostor’s Armour +2
  2. Blade of Night
  3. Cloaked Weapon
  4. Decerebrating Weapon
  5. Lullaby Weapon
  6. Boots of Stealth
  7. Wall Walkers
  8. Dread Helm
  9. Eagle Eye Goggles
  10. Inquisitor’s Helm
  11. Brooch of No Regrets
  12. Choker of Eloquence
  13. Cloak of the Cautious, A.K.A. Cloak of the Craven
  14. Collar of Recovery
  15. Medallion of Death Deferred
  16. Necklace of Fireballs +1 (2d6, not 5d6 damage)
  17. Ring of Forgetful Touch
  18. Ring of Shadow Travel
  19. Voidcrystal weapon +3
  20. Darkskull

Forbidden Loot

The items from the hoard that the party has not looted are mainly mundane objects like gems, jewellery, chests, and non-wondrous weapons and armour (e.g. Player’s Handbook stuff), plus the two ritual books that they were expressedly forbidden to loot.

Lilith glanced through both first and found that the black & gold book was written in Elven script and the red one was written in common. Borja quickly surmised that the red book was a book of rituals, and the black & gold book was probably (based on Lilith’s translations) also a ritual book.

What is unusual about the black & gold book is that the party has neither encountered nor heard of any of its rituals. The red book’s rituals are at least recognisable to Borja (all level 1 rituals). The Elven ritual book has totally weird rituals all through it.

The black & gold book has a duplicate, which Varis has access to. The duplicate was used in casting a counter-ritual against the time bubble, but it backfired when everyone started experiencing the effects of leaving the bubble after an extended period (faintness & hunger).

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