The Empire

The Empire stretches hundreds of kilometers in all directions from its beating heart, Lazarus City, named after its king, King Lazarus III. It is a very, very old monarchy, and its ways become more entrenched the more you go towards its centre. It is bounded to the north and west by mountain ranges, to the south and east by woodland.


The ethnicity Empire is predominantly human, but there are also the other usual suspects of industry and conniving – dwarves, halflings, half-elves… There are also significant populations of elves and dragonborn in various pockets of the Empire.

What’s it like?

When asked what the Empire is like, the most common answer from adventurers is that it is boring. The Empire is so old, so established, that the mantra of any power structure has long since turned to extreme conservatism in order to preserve order and keep things running smoothly for the government.

In the central parts of the Empire around Lazarus City, this conservatism has created a kind of elite society into which only the fanatically loyal may enter and serve. The standard of living is a sham created out of toil in the outlands, and as a result it is extremely high.

Moving outwards towards the outlands, a kind of despotism develops, swimming in its own paranoia about revolt and unrest. Here, representatives of the central government still have to rule with an iron fist because the population has not been subdued with comfortable living and plenty.

As despotism wanes, corruption grows, and the outlands are plagued by corruption like, well, the plague. Life is pretty good for adventurers there since greed always generates jobs, but it is also treacherous and not terribly well-paid. Assassins who haunt the nights taking out troublesome hired hands make it particularly risky to take long-term employment in the outlands. Therefore, you see a lot of adventurers working their way inward to higher wages for more competitive jobs.

The party composed of Lilith the Elf, Zhara the Tiefling, and Borja the doppleganger, however, has instead ventured outwards to the fringe colonies, but in particular a very rich one called Acanthia…

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The Empire

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