The Orcs

The Orcish Homeland

The Orc borderlands and outposts lie in the eastern foothills of the great mountain range that shoots northwards from the coastline near Acanthia and marks most of the western border of the human Empire. The treacherous terrain and ease of being spotted by orcs on higher ground makes it impossible to know much about the Orc homeland’s geography.

Relationship with the Empire

The Orcs are pitiless towards extensions of trade or diplomacy, and non-hostile contact between Orcs and other races is near-unheard of. The Empire, however, has little interest in permanently taking over the Orc lands. Official policy is focused on colonisation and control; the Orcs don’t have anything the Empire wants (e.g. fertile land, huge wealth), so they leave them alone whenever possible.

Some liberal hopefuls in the Empire may suggest that the Orc raids on the Empire outlands may decrease in the event that the current monarch Gruk is succeeded by his younger brother Wakka, who is known to be more measured and open to diplomacy (for an Orc, that is).

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The Orcs

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