Varis is one of the elven nobleman walking around the inner ring of Caldera City. His dress is a la mode, his long white hair is an intricate series of tiny braids (not dreadlocks), and he commands a natural air of authority. He also has a Longbow of Distance

To the party, he is Lien’s superior and the party’s current benefactor on behalf of an organisation which is working against the Literati. After assigning a new observer to the party (Nakor), Varis has promised the party a new mission to take place in a few days.

Varis has command over a lot of elves, as evident during the attempted counter-ritual casting in the dragon’s lair. He threatened Cherie with the assurance that he has at least 50 men at his command. The party did not do an insight check to see if he was bluffing.

The Next Mission

It will be a hit (assassination) in a public place. The target will have ample security, and there will be witnesses. Varis has emphasised that the most important aspect of this mission aside from the kill is untrace-ability of the party. He said that if the party is captured, it is possible for his people to help them out, provided they do not reveal anything to their interrogators about Varis or his organisation.

Further information about the mission is forthcoming from Varis.


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